Sunday, November 9, 2014

Seniors for 2014

As most of you know photographing Seniors is my most favorite thing to do. This year is no exception. I felt incredibly blessed to capture their special moments as they move from High School or College to bigger and better things.
Here they are just for you to enjoy:

This lovely lady from MHS loves to read. We got along just fine since I do too!
Another MHS graduate. I've known this young man for many years and he is one big blessing to us! With a smile like that how can you go wrong...?
Just typing this makes me want to cry coz I'm gonna miss these kids so much. Lovely Sammi is from SRCHS where I work. 

Oh, the lovely Miss Kayla! Such a joy, such a gift, such a friend. Another SRCHS grad who will go far...
And then you have Kayla's BFF, Mel. Someday we will be calling her Dr. Mel. Yes, she is that smart! Go Knights!
And when one of the Seniors comes up and asks if you wouldn't mind if he set up his drums, well, I just about jumped for joy! If you know Jon ask him about our experience. It was a LOT of fun!

Now, we get to the Valedictorian. The smartest kid at SRCHS who also happens to be very kind and humble and HECKA talented! Find him on YouTube under this name. You will be seeing him out of Hollywood someday...Guaranteed!
This one is my lovely cousin. I honestly can't believe she's graduated! Sweet, quirky, adorable, smart, talented, and loves the Lord like nobodies business! Hannah is very artistic and musical. Watch out world!
I met Quiggs on the football field. (My other love is shooting football games for SRCHS) A fierce competitor but you would never know it off the field. Such a loving young man. He is also very gifted with the camera! I'm gonna miss seeing #62 on the field...

Then we have Miss Chelsea who is currently playing for Fresno State! GO DOGS!

Now, Miss Hanna and I go WAY back! I was the Office Manager at the elementary school when she was there. Now I had the privilege of being the Administrative Assistant at the school where she graduated. LOVE IT!
 When I told her daddy he better watch out for this beauty he said, "Nope. It's the boys who better watch out for HER. She can take care of herself." Trained her well, my friend...
Finally we have Amber. I've known this child's family way before she was even born. All I have to say is look at them eyes! WOWZIER
  Oh, did I mention that she is mega talented in playing and singing? Child can play sports too! Volleyball, Basketball, Softball...
I have more but I've kept you long enough. I love my Seniors! I love High School students. They get my sense of humor and they are so much FUN!
In Him......K

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Aimee and John: Two Families Become One

On July 3, 2014 our daughter married her Prince Charming. He is beautiful to look at (not gonna lie) and just as beautiful on the inside. His love of Christ shines though and his Southern Charm won all of us over in nothing flat. Their wedding was a glamorous, country, rustic affair located at beautiful Trump Winery, in Virginia, on a rainy, humid day. The rain was not gonna stop this outdoor wedding from happening and it sure didn't put a damper on her spirits.
It was so humid that my lens kept fogging up. At first I was upset but when I started to edit I found that I liked the misty look...
And then there were the details! Our daughter left nothing undone. It was perfect! 
The cake was so sweet (and very tasty!) I loved her topper...
 I still can't get over how beautiful the venue is!
 Oh, how about the rings....
Watching the girls get ready is always so much fun.
The Best "Man" helping John with his boutonnière.
 This sweet girl stole my heart back in April when I first met her. I'm so happy to have three more grandchildren!
Aimee and her girls...every one of them as sweet and kind as can be!
Proud momma moment...
This church was built in the 1980's but looks like it's been there for centuries!
My husband looks so handsome... Oh, Aimee and John do too!
Stealing the show for sure!
I love that my second caught this wonderful moment!

I can't begin to tell you how happy and proud I am to have John and his three beautiful children join our family. May God Bless them for many, many years.
Counting my blessings..... kay

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