Sunday, July 22, 2012

Random Rambles.....

Every now and again I need to clean up my computer. My photos are SO large and take up a lot of space, so I have to "purge" them to CD's. While doing so I come across pictures I had "forgotten" about. These are some of them in no particular order...

My husband got a new truck. Now, to some of you a "new truck" is a 2012 or better. To us a new truck is a 1955 Chevy. I happen to think she is sweet!!!

Then I found these photos of my friend Heather. Most of you know her. She takes AMAZING pictures. Anyway - someone along Ave 12 (a local street that is well traveled) seeded the sides of the road with wild flowers. The Spring drive was beautiful and I thank them (whoever they are) for that little slice of beauty. Anyway - Heather and I went out and took a few pictures. Please check out her web site at

So, these are a few of my "Random" shootings. I have more but don't want to "blog" you down! 
{get it...."blog"..."bog"... MAN, I crack myself up!}

(spring pictures shot with Canon 50D and an 85 lens, truck shots with a 50D and 50mm lens)


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