Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Kid

About once a year our daughter comes to visit from Virginia. It's hard when she lives so far away. One of the plus sides of her visiting is I get to practice my camera skills. Since she is very photogenic, it's a pretty easy job. Here are some of the shots we took:

This shot was one of those "accidental" things. I asked her to hold still while I got my settings together on my camera then fired this off. It's one of my faves....

After that it was pure business.

I have to toss in a picture of my lighting assistant. Ian, my grandson, was great at holding my softbox. He was very patient while I learned how to work the OCF (off camera flash).
Then we went back to the house and Aimee, literally, threw her hair into a pony on the top of her head, added a tiny bit of liner and some read lips. I put up a white shower curtain (yep, that's what I said) and my lights. This is what we got!

Once again, I have to give a "shout-out" to my lighting crew...... Ian and Kobe were a great help. Don't you love their smiles?

I had a blast and I learned a LOT! So much so, that I had to practice some more on my grandchild, Hannah, when she came. I'll post that later...

(all pictures shot with Canon 5D Mark II. outdoor shots were with 70-200 lens, small soft box, 430ex flash, pocket wizards, white reflector disc. indoor shots: 85 lens, two constant lights with white umbrellas, same flash equipment and a white shower curtain {told you})


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