Sunday, May 13, 2012

Model Shoot

Once in a while several photographer's get together and learn from each other. It's free, the company is incredibly smart and talented and I learn a LOT! These are some of my photo's from the last "shoot".....

Here is my sweet friend Heather showing me how to use OCF (off camera flash)......

 Another friend, David, rigging up his latest light gear. This husband and wife team take INCREDIBLE photos. Check them out at

 And then there is this husband and wife who brought their beautiful, red headed child. I love it when the spouse will model for us! Check them out at

I can't wait until we do this again. I'm hoping to have my own OCF gear ready to roll.......


  1. Awe, thanks, Kay. Looking forward to the next time. Hopefully Melody will be able to come to the next one so that you can meet my better half too. And don't worry, I won't post the shot of you that I have. ;)


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