Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some of My Favorite People

Every once in a while you get the chance to just hang out with friends while pretending to "work". This family, whom I've known since momma was in grade school, was just so much fun! We did the normal "posing" stuff, but mostly just wandered around and took pictures. When the "Golden Light" hit (as I knew it would at sunset) I kinda went nuts. Thanks K & T for letting me record your precious family!

Stole this pose from another friend. Copying is the best form a flattery, right?

They're like, the perfect couple!

I tease him about his guitar being a Taylor instead of a Martin. Don't tell him, but Taylor's are excellent guitars. I just prefer my Martin......He really plays well. You should hear him!

M is looking toward the future.....

E wanted to flip her hair. I honestly didn't know this would turn out so well!

See what I mean? I love these guys!!

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