Sunday, March 27, 2011

Storms and Flowers

Spring in the Central Valley is just amazing! Everything is green, we get some great storms and the flowers start to bloom. I've tried to capture a few moments.

This is one of the beautiful trees outside of my job:

Our cherry tree right before a big storm. I hope the bees got to it in time!

And then you get the "Survivor" flower growing out of a boulder:

Along with the storms we get some amazing rainbows. God said He would never destroy the Earth by water again. To show His promise He sent a rainbow:

We had several back-to-back storms and our Creek was close to flooding. I love the Central Valley!

And the rains came:

And they came:

Then you get the guy who was ready for anything! I was stopped at a red light and saw him with his kayak. Thank goodness I had my camera!

From March 27 2011

Thank you for enjoying my photo's. Your comments and appreciation give me joy.


  1. Great photos Kay ! Love the colors of spring.The rain shots look cool.

  2. Great captures, Kay! Hey, were your neighbors (or whoever's neighbors) looking out through their window when you took #7 photo? It looked like it to me!


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