Sunday, March 27, 2011

Storms and Flowers

Spring in the Central Valley is just amazing! Everything is green, we get some great storms and the flowers start to bloom. I've tried to capture a few moments.

This is one of the beautiful trees outside of my job:

Our cherry tree right before a big storm. I hope the bees got to it in time!

And then you get the "Survivor" flower growing out of a boulder:

Along with the storms we get some amazing rainbows. God said He would never destroy the Earth by water again. To show His promise He sent a rainbow:

We had several back-to-back storms and our Creek was close to flooding. I love the Central Valley!

And the rains came:

And they came:

Then you get the guy who was ready for anything! I was stopped at a red light and saw him with his kayak. Thank goodness I had my camera!

From March 27 2011

Thank you for enjoying my photo's. Your comments and appreciation give me joy.

Monday, March 14, 2011


 My friend Amy is in Chicago downtown at Playhouse Merced. The theme for this week is "Underneath" and she is "Underneath" the big lights. She's doing a wonderful job and I love this picture of her.

From My Pictures

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now.....

There are many, many days here in the Central Valley where you can't see the mountains due to the smog. However, once in a while the rain will clear the air, it gets really cold and those mountains just POP. Yosemite is within viewing distance. It's hard to describe the breathtaking beauty of those snow-covered mountains. Sometimes you just need to stop and admire God's handiwork. We've been blessed the past couple of weeks with wonderful air. I've tried to capture just a little for you. This is Bellevue Road headed towards The Lake. The University would be to the right, just a little....

From 2011_02_28

From 2011_02_28

From 2011_02_28

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