Friday, December 31, 2010

Yosemite May 2010

When I first got my camera my husband took me to Yosemite for Mother's Day. It was snowy, rainy and just beautiful!

I love the dogwoods.

My very favorite person in the world!

I let him hold my camera....just for a minute though.

The top of Bridal Veil

When I cross the "line" into Yosemite I always get the feeling of "awwww". The stress leaves my body and I'm struck by magnificence of God's handiwork. 

The pure force of Bridal Veil in the Spring is incredible. I couldn't get to the bottom of the Falls because it would have ruined my camera.

Vista Point - WAY over THERE is Half Dome and to the right is Bridal Veil
Of course it started to clear up right when we were leaving.......

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